Want Your Audience Feeling Inspired?

Robert Jordan Inspires Business Owners and CEOs to Lead and Succeed at Higher Levels

If you are planning an event with an audience of business owners, CEOs, executives, or salespeople, Robert Jordan is the ideal keynote or breakout speaker. As America’s leading interviewer of top entrepreneurs and a successful entrepreneur himself, Jordan’s engaging mix of real world stories, humor and hardnosed wisdom will leave your attendees begging for more… and giving you the standing ovation!

Some of Jordan’s most requested presentations (which will be customized to your attendees and event) include:

  • The 3 Leadership Principles Billionaires Have Uncovered And How To Use Them To With Your Employees
  • The 5 Most Costly Mistakes Every Business Owner And CEO Makes… And How To Avoid Them
  • How Every Business Owner and CEO Can Think (And Lead) Like a Billionaire To Supercharge Their Results
  • How To Use 10 Incredibly Simple (Yet Virtually Unknown) Keys Every Self-Made Millionaire Has Discovered The Hard Way
  • 6 Ways to Rebound (And Produce Even Greater Results) After Your Biggest Business (Or Life) Failure
  • What I Learned From America’s Leading Entrepreneurs About How to Overcome Insurmountable Odds

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