Bill DeVille
Bill DeVille
Founder and CEO, Health Carousel

Bill was Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Health Personnel Options (HPO), a nursing and allied health staffing company that provided travel and per diem staffing services.  HPO received initial venture funding, made 5 small acquisitions totaling $16 million in annual sales within the initial two years of operation.  The company then grew organically to $120 million within the next three years, and was acquired by On Assignment (NASDAQ: ASGN) in June 2002.

Bill has thirty years experience in the human capital management industry and has spent the majority of his career helping healthcare organizations achieve their business objectives through talent acquisition and management.  Bill is currently Chief Executive Officer of Health Carousel, LLC, a workforce solutions company for healthcare organizations, which he founded in November 2004.  Health Carousel provides domestic and international contract labor for a variety of healthcare organizations around the country.  Bill spent the initial 18 years of his career with R.E. Lowe Associates, a boutique executive search company, where he left as Managing Partner.  Bill received his MBA and BS from The Ohio State University (Columbus, OH).  Bill lives in Ohio with his wife Shelly and their two children.

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QYou spent 18 years in what could be described as a normal corporate career before your breakout moment as an entrepreneur.

AI started in the executive recruiting business when I was in college and ended up staying with it. After 18 years in a business where we were convincing people to change jobs and relocate to other parts of the country, it occurred to me that I'd never done either of those two things, and if I was going to do it, I needed to get going while I was still young enough to start over if, for any reason, I failed. I'd seen other friends and family members start businesses and have great success, and I decided that I wanted to take that same career track.

QGood rationale, but how did you actually set out and do it?

AI got introduced to a guy who was a finance type of person, who'd had some entrepreneurial experience and was interested in the staffing industry. The two of us collaborated on a business plan and raised some venture capital. We started our company with an acquisition of a kind of mom-and-pop healthcare staffing business.

QThe VC gave you the money just like that?

A My partner had a long-standing relationship with them and I had a credible background for operating in my industry. Investors are always looking for investment-worthy management. They said, "Go find the deal. We want to be there with you. We like you guys and we want to do this." It was inspiring. The fact that somebody would be willing to take a flier on a couple of guys with suits and a business plan, you know -

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