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Troy Henikoff, Founder, SurePayroll

About the Video

Troy Henikoff, co-founder of SurePayroll, started out eleven years ago, figured out the right business to be in through trial and error, then started cranking on a very standard concept – processing payroll.  Troy and team turned the conventional approach to payroll upside down and the payoff finally came with the recent sale of SurePayroll for $115M to Paychex. Troy also launched the Excelerate program in Chicago, which is now nurturing ten startups that each won a beauty contest from hundreds of entrants, all seeking funding and help. Excelerate provides $25k funding, office space, legal, a large of amount of mentoring and coaching, as well as a good send-off into the world. The 2010 incubator class has raised $7.2 million in venture funding and hired 65 employees since its demo day.


  • Troy Henikoff, Founder, SurePayroll
  • Robert Jordan, Author, How They Did It: Billion Dollar Insights from the Heart of America

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