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Tom Figel on Managing PR in a Crisis: Podcast

Thanks to PR pro Tom Figel, managing partner at Lake Effect Communications, who provided good coaching for leaders on this podcast.

Tom describes three kinds of crises that can hit any public or private company, big or small:

(1) outside disasters, like the BP oil spill;

(2) internal errors within an organization, where they have no intent to change; and

(3) internal errors that are acknowledged, where change is intended and executed.

I was prompted to interview Tom after reading a great article from the New York Times called “In Case of Emergency What Not to Do” on August 22, 2010. NYT cited the YouGov BrandIndex, which measures six components of brand health:

  • Impression

Is your general impression of the brand positive or negative?

  • Quality

Does the brand represent good quality or poor?

  • Value

Does the brand represent a good value for the money, or a poor one?

  • Reputation

Would you be proud to work for this brand, or embarrassed?

  • Satisfaction

Are you a satisfied customer of this brand, or dissatisfied?

  • Recommend

Would you recommend this brand to a friend?

All reasons for entrepreneurs to be prepared BEFORE a crisis hits.

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