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How to Successfully Merge Two Companies: Podcast with Haivision CEO Mirko Wicha

Mirko Wicha

Mirko Wicha

Whether you are a one-person shop or have 1,000 employees, there’s always the possibility that some other company is on the horizon that could get you further along faster. A merger is one way to make your business stronger, if done right.

With 25 years experience in high tech, Mirko Wicha, CEO of Haivision, explains how to make a happy merger for all concerned. Mirko started Haivision in 2004 when he bought technology for high performance, high quality video encoding and decoding.  While YouTube provides one-way streaming, Haivision specializes in interactive bi-directional video. Hear about the strategic merger that was made with Video Furnace in 2009 and how it transformed Haivision into a company that provides a whole user experience. I had the good fortune to meet Mirko as a shareholder in Video Furnace, and it’s great to be able to report a successful merger in real time and before the final outcome (like all fast growth companies…the goal here is an IPO or big sale).

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Are Smart Phones Making Phone Calls Obsolete?

Smart phones are becoming increasingly well equipped to handle the onslaught of social media activity we face daily. Facebook. Twitter. Foursquare. Here are a few quick stats from the WSJ article: Y U Luv Texts, H8 Calls

  • 2/3 of adults sleep with their phones next to their bed
  • 84% of text-messaging adults say they send any receive texts “just to say hello”
  • 17% of cell-phone owning adults say they have physically bumped into a person or object while talking or texting
  • 23% of Americas have only a cellphone — and NO land line for making calls
  • The length of the average cellphone call FELL to 3.8 minutes, from just over 4 minutes a year ago.
  • Teens send and receive a total of 3,339 texts on average, per month
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Malcolm Gladwell: “The Revolution will not be tweeted.”

Malcolm Gladwell has a superb ability to reflect and distill trends and find relevance from bygone generations. He has done it again in his New Yorker piece on October 4, 2010. If you have any interest in understanding social networks, “Small Change: Why the Revolution will not be tweeted” is a must read and I mean right now.

The key point is that social networks are built around weak ties, not strong ones. There’s nothing wrong with this, its just different, and the example of the sit-ins that began in the early sixties and engulfed the south in a civil rights war had little to do with technology and much to do with mission, strategy, heirarchy and leadership.

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TechExpo on October 6

The second annual Chicago TechExpo is coming up this Wednesday, October 6 at UIC Forum. The Chicago TechExpo was created in Chicago with the sole purpose of introducing and connecting small business owners to technology solutions to help grow their business. This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to meet one-on-one with experts from leading technology companies and attend workshops that will help them leverage digital opportunities to operate smarter businesses.

Howard Tullman, President and CEO of Tribeca Flashpoint Academy, and one of the 45 featured founders in How They Did It will be presenting a workshop on the importance of building social networks.

This is a great event for entrepreneurs that I highly recommend checking out if you’re in the Chicago area. Reserve your spot today.

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