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Entrepreneurs: Spare a Prayer for Steve Jobs

My list of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet includes Steve Jobs. As co-founder and CEO of Apple, Jobs has led a revolution, and not just by one fluke product, but over the course of decades.

Regardless of whether you are Mac or PC, let’s acknowledge that iMac and OSX have helped revolutionize the world of personal computing. The iPod single-handedly turned the music industry on its head and introduced an entirely new way of doing things. The iPhone set the bar for the mobile device industry and most recently, the iPad is poised to revolutionize how we interact with media and print.

Jobs currently faces a bigger hurdle than deciding which industry to shake up next – and that is his health. As the face of Apple, the current furor over his health revolves around personal disclosure. Just how much is he expected to reveal about his well-being? There is fear that without Jobs, Apple loses direction, the stock plummets, and the empire comes crashing down.

I say give the man his privacy and trust that someone who has been able to build Apple and catapult the company to even greater heights, time and time again, was also smart and savvy enough to surround himself with people who can carry on the company in his absence. I wrote How They Did It because I disliked the idea that winning companies looked like black boxes to the outside world – that it was impossible to learn what actually caused their success, what challenges took place, and how the founders managed to do so well – but I draw the line at health and personal well being. Take a moment to put some good energy towards Steve Jobs.



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