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Roy Halladay on Setting Goals

For a pitcher in the major leagues to throw a no hitter is an amazing accomplishment. That’s what Roy Halladay did on May 29, 2010 against the Florida Marlins. What beats that? Throwing a no hitter in the playoffs. In his playoff debut on October 6, 2010 Roy threw his second no hitter in the Phillies win over the Cincinnati Reds. That’s only the second time a no hitter has ever occurred in post-season play. Just a nice little reminder that we can set more ambitious goals, no matter what yesterday’s success looked like.

You Think You Got Game?

Roy reminds me of another great athlete who plays all out. This past May Chicago Blackhawks’ defenseman Duncan Keith’s sacrifice of 7 teeth in the final game leading to the Stanley Cup finals on May 24.

Think you play tough in the corporate arena? Keith took a puck to the mouth, shattering 7 teeth. He left the ice, came back a couple minutes later to finish the game and assist in the game-tying goal. It sounds amazing, but when you think about hockey, and you think about what makes a champion, maybe its not so bizarre. It got me thinking what a comparable calamity would be in the corporate world, and how we react to adversity, under pressure, under bright lights, everyone watching. How do you recover from a shattering event?

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