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Phil Soran, Founder and CEO of Compellent, Shares How He Founded Xiotech

Phil Soran, Founder and CEO of Compellent, recently sat down with Casey Allen of TECHdotMN. In this interview, Phil shares how his journey from middle school math teacher to IBM storage expert led to the founding of Xiotech in his Minnesota basement with his two partners. Phil discusses their strategies for securing investors, acquiring their first customers and their eventual sale of Xiotech to Seagate for $360 million.

Executable #1: Phil Soran, CEO, Compellent from TECHdotMN on Vimeo.

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Phil Soran and Compellent in the News

Its not surprising, given all of the media attention in the bidding war between HP and Dell over 3Par, that interest would heat up in Compellent. Phil Soran is a two-time home run hitter, starting with Xiotech, which he and his partners Larry Aszmann and John Guider grew and eventually sold to Seagate.  Not many entrepreneurs can duplicate phenomenal results. After a $425 million exit to Seagate, Phil and company launch Compellent and took it public at just the right time on the NYSE.

I hope he has the chance to keep growing Compellent – while entrepreneurs always and usually seek great exits, Phil and team are more like watching Steve Jobs, and nobody wants to see Steve Jobs turn in the keys and go home. We want to keep on being dazzled.

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