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How to Successfully Merge Two Companies: Podcast with Haivision CEO Mirko Wicha

Mirko Wicha

Mirko Wicha

Whether you are a one-person shop or have 1,000 employees, there’s always the possibility that some other company is on the horizon that could get you further along faster. A merger is one way to make your business stronger, if done right.

With 25 years experience in high tech, Mirko Wicha, CEO of Haivision, explains how to make a happy merger for all concerned. Mirko started Haivision in 2004 when he bought technology for high performance, high quality video encoding and decoding.  While YouTube provides one-way streaming, Haivision specializes in interactive bi-directional video. Hear about the strategic merger that was made with Video Furnace in 2009 and how it transformed Haivision into a company that provides a whole user experience. I had the good fortune to meet Mirko as a shareholder in Video Furnace, and it’s great to be able to report a successful merger in real time and before the final outcome (like all fast growth companies…the goal here is an IPO or big sale).

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