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Show Me Your Business Card

Show Me Your Business Card

Business cards are going to go away someday – but not just yet. Everyone still uses them. When most business cards end up stuffed away in a desk drawer, how do you set yourself apart from the crowd? Take a look at these four unique business cards for some ideas. (And to be clear: I admire and respect Paul, Sally, David and Phil as great business people but I don’t own any of their stock and I don’t work for them).

Paul Travis: Maximize Real-Estate

At first glance, Paul’s card looks like just about any other business card you might receive from day-to-day.

Logo. Tag Line. Name and information. But wait…there is more. A lot more. Paul has done a fantastic job of maximizing 3.5×2 inch real estate. The card flips open once to reveal more information on Paul and the company…

And unfold once more for information on how VIVIFY can help your brand and bottom line.

Sally Hogshead: The power of simplicity. And a killer tagline.

Sally has taken the complete opposite approach of Paul with her stripped down business card. She plays up the uniqueness of her last name with a witty tagline – which I won’t ruin for you. Sally says it best herself…

Actually I have to repeat this because I love her humor: A hogshead is a barrel that holds 62 gallons. So what’s your last name, smartass?

Phil Gerbyshak: Utilize Social Media

Phil’s card is more reminiscent of a trading card than a business card – but the interactivity contained in this tiny piece of paper is wonderful.

See that QR code in the lower right corner? Scan that with your smart phone and it automatically loads a browser with his business card, options to connect with him on social networks, and the ability to share his card with friends/colleagues on Twitter and Facebook. How hard is your card working for you?

David Zach:  Tell a story about who you are

David’s business card stands out for a couple of reasons – namely its size, use of image and its ability to tell a story. “I’ve developed this sort of brand identity with the graphics – as a futurist with a past, as it were. Almost all of my graphics are illustrations from the 1920s & 30s,” David told me. “The cards reflect the use of those graphics in my slide deck. I try to make my slides and handouts look like they’d been created in that era. With this comes a subtle attempt to provide some comfort by connecting the future with the past and suggesting the future isn’t just about change, but also about tradition and continuity.”

What a beautiful integrated approach that encompasses, the man, the mission and the business at hand.

How are you utilizing your business card real estate? I’d love to see how you are setting yourself apart from your competition. Send in your business card and we will post them on the website for everyone to vote on their favorite! Please email you entries to

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Sending Clear Signals – Are You on Message and Memorable?: Podcast

I got to meet marketing and brand strategy expert Bill Schley at the 800CEOREAD Pow Wow in December. Bill has clear and simple advice for entrepreneurs and company owners to stay on-message. The problem is that in so many organizations, there are a multiplicity of messages going on, leading to confusion. Listen in and learn as Bill explains how developing a tagline that tells a story in a memorable, repeatable way, can serve as a tool to keep corporations and startups alike on course for success.

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Top Tips for Company Owners for Search Engine Optimization from Noble Samurai Co-founder Eugene Ware: Podcast

Did you know that there is now the concept of a marketing balance sheet? We all know about financial balance sheets, but what about marketing? Marketing has historically been viewed as essentially a creative or budgetary black hole. That’s no longer true in an online world, where we can all measure, well, everything. In this podcast Noble Samurai co-founder Eugene Ware describes the marketing funnel process and how to view those metrics as what is essentially a new-age version of a balance sheet. Eugene, who is expert in SEO and marketing, began Noble Samurai to improve all elements of the market research process.

Anyone concerned with a meaningful online presence could benefit from hearing Eugene’s advice on content, keywords and links. I’m not sure there is any kind of business or industry that doesn’t have an online component these days –

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