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Jim Dolan in the News

In a particularly well-timed Election Day announcement, the Dolan Company revealed on Tuesday that they would be launching a joint venture with Telran, Inc to provide a 50-state, real-time Web-based legislative reporting and data service.  As the country acclimates to the new political landscape following the Midterms, LISA (Legislative Information Service of America) will “help lobbyists, corporate government affairs representatives, national associations and government agencies keep up with the action.” Jim Dolan is teaming up with Andy Fish, a veteran in providing legislative information.

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Jim Dolan Shows Link Between Entrepreneurial Success and Air Miles…

I don’t know if there’s a correlation, maybe in the modern world it is possible to score big and not have to fly much.  But in Jim Dolan’s case there is a link!

Nice recognition for Jim in the Twin Cities Business article “Jim Dolan on Living Up in the Air”.  In the article Jim was compared to George Clooney from Up In The Air. I was disappointed to learn 10 million miles is not that big a deal. I suppose I can add ammunition to this story, because in fact I did see Jim one time completely unexpectedly …at the airport!

Jim, can I see your Concierge Key? Please.

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