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[pullquote] Robert Jordan’s book How They Did It: Billion Dollar Insights from the Heart of America is getting rave reviews. Accolades such as “useful wisdom,” “thought provoking,” “inspiring” and “valuable insights” are repeated again and again.

In interviewing 45 successful entrepreneurs, Jordan, a successful entrepreneur himself, knows the right questions to ask and the right buttons to push to make this book an enjoyable read and a practical resource.


“I just read this book front to back, jotting down at least 12 people I plan to give it to, ranging from a 24-year old entrepreneur-in-the-making, to a 50-something tech innovator whose business is “on the verge” and serial entrepreneurs who’ve largely succeeded in spite of themselves … and will find even greater success if they read and apply the learning in this book. The list goes on.

Its 160 pages are packed with incredible inspiration and insight. The design itself draws you in. You start skimming the nuggets and soon you’re so hooked that you’re ordering take-out because you can’t resist diving in to mine for more gold. It’s an in-depth education in business guts, tapping the passion that makes dreams come true … and about having the courage to fail, learn from it and come back smarter and stronger.

The interviews in this book are the furthest thing you can imagine from “20 Questions.” They’re smart, spirited conversations based on real knowledge of the people, the companies and the deals. It took Bob Jordan and his team almost four years to transform the idea for this book from an idea into an entrepreneur’s road map. You couldn’t find a better guide.

Even the most savvy business people on the planet will find a wealth of insight and inspiration in “How They Did It: Billion Dollar Insights from the Heart of America,” which should be required reading in business schools everywhere.”

-Freya Reeves


“There’s no one better to write this book than Bob Jordan. He is a great entrepreneur in his own right. His book delivers to the reader the real mindsets, capabilities, wisdom and all the essentials for what it takes for great success as an entrepreneur. He gets it right from the horses’ mouths. Take notes as you read.”

-Jim Camp, author, Start With No


“This book is a compendium of interviews and quotes from modern day entrepreneurs. These are people who had a dream, took some risks, and struck out to make their fortune in America. Along the way there was hardship and failure and adversity. But perseverance and a willingness to solve problems–one’s own as well as a customer’s–led these people to find success.

For those thinking of striking out on their own, or are already starting their own company, this book will be very helpful in learning from others and their mistakes and successes. This is a cost effective way to get advice from 45 successful people.”

-John L. Hoh, Senior Editor,


“One of the reasons for why I subscribe to entrepreneurial periodicals such as Inc. magazine is because of their ‘How I Did It / The Way I Work’ columns. ‘How They Did It’ is essentially a book that is entirely dedicated to this type of educational and inspiring content. All in all, highly recommended reading for aspiring entrepreneurs and corporate managers alike.”

Fredrik Savin,

“I highly recommend the fascinating and motivational book How They Did It: Billion Dollar Insights from the Heart of America by Robert Jordan, to anyone seeking both the insights and business concepts of forty-five of America’s most successful business founders. Their thoughts and wisdom will benefit anyone planning to become an entrepreneur, entering the workforce, or wanting to expand an existing company.

-Wayne Hurlbert, Blog Business World

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