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How Entrepreneurs Use Coaching to Score (A Podcast with Three Master Coaches): Podcast

I have had the privilege of getting to know three outstanding executive coaches over the years, and it got me thinking about when and how entrepreneurs could make use of a good coach. Having a sounding board, especially at the early stages of a company pre-board of directors, is a good thing. So we interviewed Jim Rohrbach, Sheryl Dvorin and Jack Chapman, who, while each being a great coach, have very different practices and styles and areas of interest.  You can listen right now here.

Jim Rohrbach – Success Skills Coach

Success Skills Coach Jim Rohrbach is “The Personal Fitness Trainer for Your Business.”  He coaches business owners, entrepreneurs, sales professionals and corporate executives on building their clientele. Author of the books Business Success Skills and The Social Skills Playbook, he has helped hundreds of individuals to achieve their goals since he developed his first coaching program in 1982. What sets Jim apart from other business coaches is his ability to improve his clients’ “inner game of success” via specific techniques not unlike great athletes use to get to the top of their game. Jim holds a BA in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Education and has completed Ph.D. course work in counseling.

Jack Chapman – Salary Negotiations

Since How to Make $1000 a Minute was first published in 1986, Jack Chapman has become a specialist in all aspects of salary and raise negotiations–from high-profile executive negotiations worth an additional $300,000, to strategies an hourly-wage worker can use to bargain for extra benefits or perks. He has personally assisted over 2,000 individuals, one-on-one, in improving their careers through the challenges of job changes, career planning, and entrepreneurship, and has influenced countless others through his many seminars, courses, lectures, TV and radio appearances, and newspaper columns. Jack’s background includes seven years of study in the Jesuit order, where he earned a B.A. The holder of a master’s degree in Vocational Guidance, he has had a wide variety of careers himself–teaching at the high school and college level, real estate management, corporate training and development, and career management consulting.

Sheryl Dvorin – Beyond Limitations Coaching

Sheryl Dvorin has been a consultant and coach for individuals and corporations for 10 years. She continues on-going training and development through seminars and her spiritual practice. She has dedicated her life to supporting people with their growth and development as well as achieving their personal & professional goals. She received her B.A. in communications from the University of South Florida.

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Robert Jordan has been launching and growing companies and helping other entrepreneurs do the same for the past 20 years. He has authored book and audio series including How They Did It: Billion Dollar Insights from the Heart of America (RedFlash Press), featuring 45 leading company founders who've created $63 billion in value from scratch, and How They Did It Nightingale-Conant audio program . His startup, Online Access, the first Internet-coverage magazine, landed on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies. His newest endeavors are RedFlash, a strategy execution team, and The Association of Interim Executives, which champions interim management as its own global specialty. You can also find Robert on Google+ and Twitter. View all posts by Robert Jordan

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