Mike Blair
Cyborg Systems

Michael D. Blair retired from the Human Resource industry in November of 2004 and since that time has focused on various boards and start up companies in addition to charitable work through the Michael D and Jolynn Blair Family foundation.

Mr. Blair was  payroll business  leader at Hewitt Associates, a global human resources outsourcing and consulting firm. Mr. Blair joined Hewitt after the firm’s acquisition of Cyborg Systems, Inc. in June 2003.

Before moving into his current role, Mr. Blair served as the Chairman, CEO and founder of Cyborg. Mr. Blair played an integral part in the corporation’s operations since he founded the organization in 1974. In this role, he was responsible for global corporate planning, targeting new markets and the development of future products and business alliances. Under Mr. Blair’s direction, Cyborg became a dominant player in the software industry and his efforts contributed to consistent revenue and profit growth for the company.

Mr. Blair is credited with successfully launching Cyborg’s software into many international markets, establishing Cyborg wholly-owned subsidiaries in Canada, Singapore, United Kingdom, and South Africa, and sales/support agencies in Mexico, Latin America and Australia.

Throughout the years, Mr. Blair has formed strong affiliations with the following business and software organizations: ITAA, Chicago Software Association, American Software Association (ASA), Image Committee of ASA, Benefits and Compensation Magazine, and AMA President’s Association. He frequently shares his business expertise with the members of these associations by speaking at their formal conferences.

As a board member of Mayor Richard Daley’s Information Technology Council, Mr. Blair was involved with changes in technology, government requirements, and trends critical to international success in the software industry. He is co-founder and past President of the Chicago Software Association and currently serves as a board member. Mr. Blair is also on the board of the Benefits and Compensation Magazine to stay abreast of Human Resource issues. In addition, Mr. Blair is on the board of directors of  SPSS, Computer Corporation of America,  Showingtime.com and Delaware Place Bank.

Mr. Blair has received numerous awards throughout his career, including accolades from INC. Magazine, Peat Marwick, Ernst & Young and i-Street magazine. In 2001, he was among 100 executives invited to participate in President George W. Bush’s “High-Tech CEO Forum: Trade Promotion Authority” at the White House.

Prior to “opening the doors” to Cyborg, Mr. Blair served as a business analyst for Harvester International and as a regional manager of applications for Management Science of America. He holds a B.S. degree in mathematics from the University of Missouri.

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QIn the Internet age, we take for granted how relatively easy it is to start a technology-
related company. Not so easy in 1974?

ABack in 1974 there really wasn't much of a software industry, let alone the Internet.

QAnd going off on your own wasn't exactly a career path then.

AMy first job out of college was with International Harvester. They put me into their training program for data processing and had us design a payroll system for the factory plants. I got excited about all the system automation that was taking place.

QBut that wasn't enough to jump-start Cyborg?

A I went to a consulting company that was kind of trying to create software but really wasn't. They were just taking a consulting project at one company and changing it a little bit for the next. So I started thinking that there's got to be a way to make a product that's really designed to be a package.

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