Mahendra Vora
Founder, Intelliseek

Known as the Serial Entrepreneur, Mahendra Vora is the founder and Managing Director of Vora Ventures, a unique technology holding group in Cincinnati region, Mr. Vora brings 22+ years of experience as an information technology executive and dynamic motivator. He has helped co-found and sell multiple successful technology ventures to Fortune 500 companies including Intelliseek (now Nielsen Buzzmetrics), SecureIT (now part of VeriSign) and Pioneer Systems (now part of Unisys). Mr. Vora is also the founder and creator of the Vora Technology Park, one of the most advanced technology parks in the country.

During his career, he has innovated sophisticated information technologies in the areas of distributed (client/server) and Internet-based computing, including advanced search engines and text-mining and now social media and mobile applications. Mahendra possesses a rare combination of skills: technology vision, marketing, and interpersonal leadership.

Mr. Vora has been in Cincinnati, USA area for over 20 years and he is known for his active involvement, contribution and commitment to the local and the global community.

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QYou were on a PhD track after receiving your masters degree in computer science from the University of Michigan. What got you started launching companies?

A A friend of mine was starting a company in Cincinnati called Intercomputer Communications Corporation, so I joined him. I got a feeling of entrepreneurship and a little bit of equity. I come from a family that is very entrepreneurial - at least the past seven generations have owned their own businesses. They basically believe that even if you make half as much money, you should work for yourself. You should create jobs and define your own destiny.

QThat's a common theme for founders.

AThe whole purpose of coming to the US and finishing my education was to start my own company.

QLuckily you and your co-founders did well. ICC grew from four to 250 employees and $25 million in revenue in five years.

A We built it, sold it to Digital Communications Associates, now part of Attachmate, and made some money. I took every penny except $1,000 and invested in my second company, Pioneer Systems. I built that and sold it for a few million dollars to Unisys, and then I used about 70 percent of that money to build SecureIT and Intelliseek, and then the fifth, sixth, and seventh companies.

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