John Croghan
Extended Care Information Network

Dr. Croghan serves as chief medical officer and chairman of the board of Telemedicine Solutions. He is board-certified in geriatric medicine, internal medicine and rheumatology. In addition to maintaining a medical practice in the North Shore region of Chicago for more than 10 years, Dr. Croghan serves as medical advisor and/or director for a number of senior health centers and facilities in Chicago, including the Hyatt Classic Residence at the Glen, Manor Care Health Services and the North Shore Senior Center. He is a pioneer in developing technology solutions that improve elderly care. In 1995, Dr. Croghan co-founded Extended Care Information Network (ECIN), a system that improves the process of hospital discharge planning. In January 2008, Allscripts acquired ECIN for $90 million. Dr. Croghan received his medical degree from Rush Medical College in Chicago. Dr. Croghan completed his residency in internal medicine at Loyola University Medical Center, a fellowship in geriatric medicine at Johns Hopkins University and another fellowship in rheumatology at George Washington University. He also earned his B.A. at Williams College in Massachusetts.

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QYou and Dr. Phil Sheridan co-founded Extended Care Information Network. Why start a company?

AAs a practicing physician and geriatric specialist, I wanted to innovate for the elderly. In a hospital setting, when a loved one is sick or has a broken hip and, instead of coming home, suddenly needs a nursing home, it's a crisis for both the patient and the family. The idea behind ECIN was to use an Internet database to quickly find an available, appropriate nursing home bed that matches the needs of the patient and the family. Basically it's a Sabre system (airline computer reservation system) for nursing home placement.

QYou and your co-founders eventually sold the company to Allscripts for $100 million. How important was the elderly market for them?

AThe fastest growing population in the US is 85 and older. Serving the needs of this population is very important for a healthcare software company like Allscripts.

QThat probably wasn’t obvious when you started in 1994?

AOur eventual exit sale to Allscripts in 2007 was not obvious in ’94. What was obvious was that getting a patient from hospital to nursing home was a hugely inefficient process. So Dr. Sheridan and I went back and forth on this idea. We had a business plan and a board of directors.

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