How Committed are You to Your Own Dreams?

When the world was convinced that stainless steel was the best and only material you could implant in the human body, Biomet founder Dane Miller, featured in How They Did It: Billion Dollar Insights from the Heart of America, set out to prove the world wrong. From Dane’s interview:

Q: Let’s get to the good stuff. Did you really have a piece of titanium implanted in your arm for nine years?
Miller: Yes. Right here.

Q: Let the record state I’m looking at a scar on your arm. You wanted to prove to yourself that titanium was the safest metal for implants. Did anyone else in the industry do that?
Miller: Not that I know of, but I did have a good excuse. We had a series of tornadoes in 1974 that cut off electricity to the county for seven days. Our home and our office had no power. I had downtime and nothing to do, so I called a friend in Fort Wayne, an orthopedic surgeon, and said, “Hey, if I come over, would you put a piece of titanium in my arm?”

Q: The power’s out. I think I’ll insert some titanium in my arm. Your friend said yes?
Miller: He was skeptical…

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