Bill Gantz
Bill Gantz
PathoGenesis Corporation

Prior to joining Ovation Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in 2002, Bill Gantz was the Chairman, CEO and President of PathoGenesis Corporation (“PathoGenesis”), a publicly traded biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and marketing novel pharmaceutical products to treat serious chronic human infectious diseases. Under Mr. Gantz’s leadership, PathoGenesis was sold to Chiron Corporation in September 2000. Prior to his tenure with PathoGenesis, Mr. Gantz was president of Baxter International from 1987 to 1992. During his 25-year career with Baxter, he held a number of senior leadership positions, including Executive Vice President and COO.

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QWhat was it like to go from being the president of Baxter Corporation, a $40 billion company, to launching Pathogenesis, a start-up?

A It was, well, talk about getting shell-shocked.

QWhat caused you to do it?

A I was watching a lot of people go into biotechnology and very successfully develop and create companies and I thought, you know what? I'm at a point in my life that either I do it now or I'm not really going to have a chance.

QHow did you do it?

A I had an idea for the product that I thought would work. I was introduced to some people in venture capital and some wealthy families that liked the idea. We put together what, at that time, was the second largest seed round ever raised in the biotech industry.

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