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How They Did It is a site for people with big ideas and entrepreneurial ventures seeking to fuel their own growth and achieve victories in the marketplace.

Elevate your inner entrepreneur as you learn from billionaires whose ideas and executions have changed the world. Go behind the scenes first with 45 successful company founders featured in the book How They Did It: Billion Dollar Insights from the Heart of America to learn from their early steps, big gains, and mistakes. Discover how they ultimately triumphed to create $41 billion from scratch and then go on to discuss what works and what doesn’t with others.

The conversation starts with these home run hitters but the connections and talk extend way beyond, with new champions, additional stories, secrets, and advice/insights being revealed every day. Successful and aspiring company founders unite!

Robert Jordan is an Inc. 500 CEO and founded Online Access, the first Internet-coverage magazine in the world. After the sale of Online Access, Jordan launched two companies: RedFlash, an interim management team; and interimCEO/interimCFO, a worldwide network for interim, contract, and project executives. Jordan received his bachelor’s degree from the Honors College at the University of Michigan and his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.


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